Our Approach

groSolar’s approach is simple: we will work in partnership with our clients and manage the process to simplify solar development.  groSolar confirms the project goals and develops a mutually-agreed upon schedule and project plan so that our client’s program goals are achieved.  We assess project feasibility and have an open dialog with our clients on goals, schedule, expected financial attributes, specific risk factors, and risk management.  With deep experience in solar PV project development, groSolar is capable and willing to assist with defining development scope, including permitting, entitlements, and other development issues.  groSolar also has extensive experience in financial modeling and can assist in determining financial feasibility.

All three phases or periods of the PV System life cycle are assessed: 

              1.  Due diligence
              2.  Design and construction or EPC
              3.  Service

groSolar’s project team is composed of experienced EPC professionals with substantial solar construction and program management experience.  We manage the development process including the meetings, schedules, meeting notes, site visits, coordination with municipalities, utilities, and other permitting authorities, etc.  groSolar actively promotes communication that is so critical to maintaining a strong working relationship that is focused on goals and results.  groSolar understands that solar project execution requires a multidisciplinary team composed of owner, finance, and legal, and must coordinate the DEP regulatory, local regulatory, design, construction, site operations, and safety issues in addition to the utility interconnection and permitting issues.

Achieving the desired energy production, construction period concerns, and overall project outcomes for your project requires an experienced renewable energy partner.  groSolar matches the correct technology with the project requirements.  We explore and optimize technologies as part of the design, material specification, and procurement process to maximize the project objectives.  Our projects are installed on time and within budget.