• "I am pleased to say that groSolar presented a very professional image from day one. They moved through the Town's permitting process with ease, and on to the construction phase. It was apparent from the beginning that their planning and scheduling prior to and during construction was meticulous. What seemed to be effortless progress I am sure was a result of many hours of planning and scheduling. They meet all their milestones, in difficult weather conditions and brought the project on-line with time to spare. It was a pleasure to work with the entire staff from the senior management to the construction work force"
    Stanley Herriot
    Ashburnham Municipal Light Plant
  • "The entire construction process of the Cross Pollination project, including coordinating the requirements of our Certificate of Public Good, was handled seamlessly by groSolar. We are very satisfied with the project and look forward to working with groSolar on future projects."
    Leigh Seddon
    L.W. Seddon, LLC
  • "Environmentally speaking, it’s absolutely the right thing to do; it will avoid approximately 1,500 tons of global warming carbon dioxide emissions annually. Our customers will benefit from the project by purchasing power at competitive rates and by the savings in transmission, line losses and generation costs with the reduction in TMLP load at or near peak times."
    Michael Horrigan
    General Manager
    Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant
  • "groSolar provided excellent service and coordination building the successful Bristol, Connecticut project. They were referred by one of our trusted partners, and delivered the high quality and professional work we were expecting. It was clear from the start that groSolar applied advanced knowledge and experience, installing the system on time and on budget despite obstacles."
    Tom Athan
    Managing Partner
    Altus Energy Management
  • "The entire permitting and construction process of the Sterling Solar project was handled seamlessly by groSolar. Presented challenges were handled immediately and we appreciated the high quality and professionalism of the project management team. Most importantly, this solar system will positively impact the town of Sterling by providing green energy to our community."
    Sean Hamilton
    General Manager
    Sterling Municipal Light Department
  • "groSolar did a fine job on our Keystone project.  Working in Lancaster County, in the heart of Amish country, in some of the best farm land in the world, calls for a particular care for the land and clean, on time build out.  We got that.  Without a single complaint from the community and lots of praise.  Mission accomplished."
    Tom Tuffey
    Vice President for Project Services
    Community Energy
  • "It was a great pleasure working with groSolar on the CCMUA project. They brought a high level of professionalism and competence from the earliest stages of the project, and creatively navigated one of the most complex and demanding engineering challenges we have encountered as a developer. Thanks to groSolar, the CCMUA Solar Center should be a model for the industry in dealing with complex solar installations."
    Matt Hantzmon
    Founder & CEO
    HelioSage Energy
  • "We went through the procurement process and hired independent experts to conduct an RFP process among several, qualified candidates. We chose groSolar, because of its outstanding reputation in the commercial solar industry, capabilities, pricing and because it was the company recommended by the experts."
    Bill Geary
    Clean Harbors Development
  • "groSolar seemed to have all of the project pieces in place from engineering through to installation. groSolar was able to incorporate all of the pieces to put together a package that worked for us. "
    Kurt Shillington
    Operations Manager
    Princeton Properties
  • "groSolar is an industry leader with an experienced solar team and we are pleased to be selected as the panel provider for these milestone projects. We look forward to future endeavors with groSolar."
    Shawn Qu
    Canadian Solar
  • "We applaud CCMUA for hosting this solar powered system which reaffirms their focus on environmental stewardship, while reducing their overall cost for electricity. In addition, partnering with groSolar on this project was a nice fit for us strategically and helps us continue to grow our customer-centric renewable energy asset business."
    Joel Jansen
    Managing Director of Energy Assets
    Integrys Energy Solutions
  • "We're off to a great start with Burlington High School and CP Smith schools completed this year and more to come in years ahead. groSolar was an easy choice for us as the professionalism and experience they brought to the project were critical."
    Nick Richardson
    Director of Operations
    Encore Redevelopment
  • "It is appropriate this project is located at our Vermont National Air Guard base, because as much as anyone our military service members understand the critical importance of breaking our dependence on foreign oil and moving our nation to energy independence."
    Bernie Sanders
    US Senator (I-VT)