Solar Energy Resource Library

Stafford Hill Solar Farm, a 2.5MW solar photovoltaic (PV) project, was built by groSolar in 2014.  The solar farm covers approximately ten acres of land on the closed Rutland City, Vermont landfill and will provide energy for the Green Mountain Power utility grid.

Join groSolar's CEO and VP of Engineering and Construction as they describe the solutions we provide to our clients and how our firm has evolved with the industry over the past 15+ years.

Solar projects built on landfills in Vermont, Massachusetts, and other states take advantage of land that would otherwise be unusable because of contamination to instead generate revenue and save on energy costs.

Times Union article that states that by the year 2029, the average monthly National Grid residential electric bill will rise from $89.62 to $132.38, an increase of 47 percent.

Motly Fool article on the solar industry that is now competing with fossil fuels on a cost per kW-hr basis.  Taking an important look at what technologies dominate the industry and what investors should be betting on in the future.

Ashburnham Solar, Ashburnham, MA.  System: 4.0MW DC ground-mount on undeveloped property.

President Obama announced more than 300 private and public sector commitments to create jobs and cut carbon pollution by advancing solar deployment and energy efficiency. The commitments represent more than 850 megawatts of solar deployed – enough to power nearly 130,000 homes.

Minnesota became the first state to allow utilities a new method of contracting with distributed solar producers, called the market-based “value of solar.” If adopted by utilities, it will fundamentally change the relationship between solar-producing customers and their electric utility.

Solar Power World article discussing how savvy commercial real estate (CRE) owners are increasingly looking at solar power as an effective means of reducing operating expenses and creating a new source of revenue, which could lead to a significant increase in the CRE owner’s bottom line.

Solar Power World article featuring the importance of and considerations behind solar PV operations and maintenance.