Energy Storage

Taking Control of Your Energy Costs

Energy is no longer a volatile and unpredictable cost that is out of your control. The combination of groSolar's distributed generation development experience and the experience of our partner, EDF Renewable Energy, will provide our clients with everything they will need to take control of their energy commodity and demand charges, as well as provide energy security and back up power for critical assets. Solar and energy storage systems can capture high value by managing multiple applications simultaneously to maximize benefit to the customer. Our clients can reduce their energy costs through:

  • Peak shaving
  • Demand response and other grid services
  • Secure and clean energy

Distributed Energy Storage and Solar Solutions

Adding Value Behind the Meter

The groSolar - EDF RE team brings together a thorough understanding of energy storage and solar energy in local markets, with the global procurement and financial wherewithal of an international energy firm. The EDF Group has installed more than 300 MW (824 MWh) of energy storage projects worldwide. In North America, EDF RE has developed 8 GW of renewable energy projects. EDF RE leverages its utility-scale experience to provide commercial-scale project development, engineering, procurement, construction, and long-term operations and maintenance for distributed generation and storage. As a subsidiary of one of the largest energy companies in the world, EDF RE is a single interface that provides comprehensive turnkey energy storage and solar energy solutions, with EDF Store & Forecast’s PEGASE Energy Management System (PEGASE EMS™) as the command and control layer. PEGASE EMS™ is an adaptable software, developed by EDF, that can be configured for multiple applications. With the ability to communicate with all storage, load, and generation assets, the PEGASE EMS™ software can be configured to forecast, optimize, and increase operational efficiency by controlling your energy costs.

The groSolar - EDF RE team adds value throughout the project lifecycle via:

  • Origination - Comprehensive analysis to identify and evaluate the potential of prospective energy storage, solar sites, and applications
  • Development - Permitting, load analysis, operational simulation, optimization and design, and technology selections
  • Transaction - Finalize transaction structure, groSolar internal financing team can close financing
  • Construction - Turnkey implementation of the comprehensive energy storage system and a high quality build
  • Operations and Maintenance - Asset management, monitoring, and maintenance over the long term to ensure profitable and peak performance

For information regarding groSolar's energy storage services, please contact:

Executive Vice President

Mr. Viens, groSolar’s Executive Vice President, manages project development activities in the Northeast and other key markets.  Prior to the company’s sale of its residential division, Mr. Viens oversaw the direct residential and small commercial installation operations, which constructed multiple megawatts of solar in ten states. Mr. Viens's development and project management experience at groSolar has included multi-residential commercial buildings, schools, and utility projects ranging in size from 100 kW to 10 MW.   Prior to joining groSolar, he was Vice President of Operations and... +


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