Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Over the project life of 20 or more years, there are routine and sometimes unanticipated maintenance needs for your solar project.  groSolar’s experienced professionals can provide the ongoing support and maintenance of your project to ensure it is operating at designed levels.  This level of support is provided with the same high quality customer service that you received through the design-build process of installing your solar system.

Routine and preventative maintenance items can include:

  • Active monitoring of system performance
  • On-site inspections of all system components
  • Annual cleaning of the panels
  • Upholding manufacturer requirements for operation and service warranties
  • Landscaping upkeep
  • Mechanical and electrical checks
  • Checking and replacing filters

Routine & Preventative Maintenance

These visits can occur once or multiple times per year, and would be included in the O&M agreement.  Other items could include preventive emergency weather shut downs, repairing weather related damages, and other general repairs.

Director of Technology Operations

Dave Holland, Director of Technology Operations, joined groSolar in 2014 after 20+ years in the Information Technology sector filling technical management roles at companies like Arthur Andersen and Worldcom.  At groSolar he leads the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) function, operating more than 100 MW of PV solar plants across diverse geographies and conditions.  Under his direction the O&M portfolio of facilities and clients has quadrupled.  Dave also directs all internal Information Technology activities at groSolar.  Mr. Holland earned a BA from Washington & Lee... +