Corporate & Industrial

groSolar works with clients to understand the operational costs and energy requirement that solar PV can offset.  A solar or solar + storage project can offset the energy costs of large manufacturing buildings, warehouses, cold storage facilities, or large corporate campuses.  Ground-mounted projects are ideal for fields that may not be utilized for other purposes.

By using solar, your organization will be able to reduce its impact on the global environment, while also stabilizing electricity costs for years to come. Some examples of groSolar's work with corporate entities include:

  • International pharmaceutical firm (A2 project) - Delaware
  • A major television network headquarters - Connecticut
  • Belmont Brownfield (corporate land) - Indiana
  • Lake County Solar (corporate land) - Indiana
  • SAS Institute - North Carolina

Environmentally-Sensitive Sites

groSolar is a leader in the brownfield solar market, constructing solar on properties that were once thought to have little to no development potential.  We have experience developing PV projects atop technically-challenging and environmentally-sensitive sites such as brownfields, municipal solid waste landfills, open water and wastewater treatment tanks, Superfunds, and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) landfill caps. This experience is vital to developing appropriate safety guidelines, training standards, and design parameters that will take into consideration the unique challenges of these sites. Some examples of groSolar's project experience on capped landfills include:

  • Clifton Park - New York
  • Belmont Landfill - Indiana
  • Stafford Hill - Vermont
  • Clean Harbors - New Jersey
  • Rome - New York

Direct Positive Benefits

  • Defray the costs of landfill site monitoring and cleanup with a revenue generating solar system
  • No upfront capital required
  • Create predictable, stable electric rates
  • Generate public goodwill for re-purposing "unusable" land

Create Added Value

  • Utilize low-value land for renewable energy
  • Provide distributed energy generation to the nearby community and other energy users
  • Create local construction jobs

No Additional Risk to the Site

  • Ballasted PV systems do not require penetrations and have no moving parts
  • Remain compliant with environmental and other regulations governing brownfield sites
  • Remain compliant with existing gas management systems

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